Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When room14 and room16 were walking to the pools we saw some cars. They were cool to me. On entering the pool I felt deliciously warm. I pushed off from the side of the wall and start to gilde gracefully.


  1. Will Hayley when you went to the pool it was fun wasn't it. Do you know when I went it was really fun. What do you mean about deliciously.

    I like listening to your story Hayley.

  2. Hey Hayley, you did so cool and cool stories .

    From Dhara

  3. Hey Hayley It's me Mele I miss you so much.why go you have to leave me. I like your story about swimming.Can you put more story in to it.I miss you so much can you please came back to pt england.I hope that you put more things on your blog for me to see.

    By Mele


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