Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When room14 and room16 were walking to the pools we saw some cars. They were cool to me. On entering the pool I felt deliciously warm. I pushed off from the side of the wall and start to gilde gracefully.

Monday, May 23, 2011

immersion assembly

Oh goodness! Look at Mr Marks’ enormous robot arms,” I said to my friend Sisilia. Point England school was in the hall waiting for the Immersion Assembly to start. My favorite part was team 4 because Mr Marks had cool arms.

cooking pasta


1 Cooking with my mum

In the holiday I did some cooking with my mum. She added some pasta to boiling water then I carefully added some into the hot steam. Then I lowered some long pieces in gently and allowed them to soften. We waited. When it was ready it was beautiful. I tasted it. It was good for my tummy. Mmmmm.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hydroslide

With excitement we went up the steep steps. As I was waiting for my turn I was chilly wet. When I was coming up the steep steps I heard chatter echoing.

My Family

My family and I are Samoan. I live with my mum my dad my sisters and my brother. My Mum’s name is Pive and my Dad’s name is Stanly. Hiliary is my oldest sister. She is 11. Iliui my brother is 4 and my baby sister is 1. My parents were born in Samoa but I was born in New Zealand.

My Friends

My friends names are Sisilia, Martha, Sarona, Mele and Chloe. We like singing and dancing. Most of us were in the Glee club together and we performed to the school.